For over 20 years, Egress has been committed to providing respectful and dignified aerial scatterings. The Egress goal is to help you create an easy and affordable ceremony.

Egress, which means “the act of going, especially from an enclosed space”, gives families and friends the opportunity to release their loved ones over bodies of water and private property throughout the midwest.

“Throughout the past twenty years Susan and I have expanded our services based on our customer’s needs. We understand that every family is different and therefore expect every ceremony and service to have its own unique feel,” said Dennis Martinek, co-owner and pilot at Aerial Egress.

In honor of 20 years in the industry, Egress will be expanding their service options and available ceremony locations. The company, which previously only served the greater Chicago area, will now be expanding their services to all of Lake Michigan, including Milwaukee and Door County, Wis.


“At Egress, we value the role we are able to play in our clients’ ceremonies. We recognize that our services help to provide closure and comfort for those left behind,” said Susan Martinek, co-owner and planner for the company. “We ensure that all Egress scatterings are done with honor, dignity and respect whether witnessed or not, simple or complex.”

Egress Cremains Scattering Services

Egress is a respectful alternative to a traditional burial. Aerial scattering of cremated remains offers an elegant and ecological way of returning a loved one to the natural elements.

Egress means “the act of going, especially from an enclosed place.”

We can provide a personalized scattering over the place of your choosing, accompanied by almost any kind of ceremony you may want. The scattering location can be symbolic to your loved one and some ceremonies are even pre-planned to make the experience exactly what you or your loved one may want. There is no more unique and symbolic way to say goodbye than with an Egress Aerial Scattering.

From Our Customers:

Thank you for a dignified, wonderful and beautiful way to say goodbye to my dad. You guys are Angels! When we look back, what we’ll remember most are those times when kindness made a difference in our lives.

– Daughter of Chicago guitar legend, Roland Faulkner

The flight itself was beautiful (and very smooth) and your warm personalities put us at ease. We felt the scattering was something to be celebrated and felt a satisfying sense of completeness. My dad would have enjoyed that morning!

– Daughter of an ex-Navy pilot

Everything went so smoothly from start to finish. We know this is what she’d want – especially the nice touch of pink rose petals, her favorite.

– Family of a Woman Who Loved the Indiana Dunes

We flew over Meigs Field, turned north to make one pass over the Planetarium, then made a tear-drop turn to the south for our final pass. Dennis timed our flight to the second. The mourners released yellow balloons at the same time I released Adam’s ashes. I have helped leave behind a legacy of a human being. I have laid to rest an era.

– Ride-Along Client

As you know, our son was having a hard time with losing his father. When you arranged to have him let the first handful go, I think it helped enormously. It was something real that he could do. He seems more at peace about it, perhaps because of having helped send his dad on a lovely trip. Thank you so much.

– Young Muslim Wife and Mother

I want to thank you for the caring way you handled the ashes of my husband. Your phone calls and letter was much appreciated. God bless.

– Wife of a North Shore Businessman

Thank you for including our dog Chumley’s ashes along with my husband’s. They were best friends in life, and it means a lot to know they are together again in spirit

– Riverside Family